Don’t Place Your Wedding Musician Here! Three Mistakes to Avoid in Your Wedding Ceremony Setup

Image credits: Dominika Miechowska

When it comes to your wedding ceremony, the right placement of your wedding musician can make all the difference in creating a magical atmosphere. While it may seem like a minor detail, the location of your musician during the ceremony plays a pivotal role in enhancing the overall experience. Let’s explore three places you should avoid having your wedding musician set up to ensure a seamless and memorable ceremony.

Avoid Placing Your Wedding Musician In the Adjacent Room

This may sound like a no-brainer, but having your musician in the same room as the ceremony is essential. Live music has the power to transform the atmosphere, and this effect is best achieved when the musician is present in the same space. If your ceremony room has large open doors, positioning the musician next to the open space with their amp facing into the room can work well, especially when space is limited.

At the Back of the Room, Hidden Behind Your Guests

Part of the joy of having a live wedding musician is being able to witness their performance, adding entertainment value, especially during the signing of the register. Placing the musician at the back, hidden behind guests, diminishes this visual experience. It’s crucial for the musician to have a clear view of the aisle to time the entrance music perfectly, especially if there is a one piece of music for your bridal party and a separate song for your entrance.

A Long Way Away from the Ceremony

For outdoor ceremonies, avoid situating your musician at a considerable distance. While the sound may carry, being far away can make it challenging for the musician to hear cues from the registrar or celebrant. This can result in awkward moments of silence before the musician realises it’s time for them to play. To address this, ensure the officiant uses a microphone, providing clear communication for the musician.

Your wedding ceremony deserves the best, and that includes the perfect placement for your wedding musician. At HMH Piano Collective, we understand the nuances that contribute to an exceptional ceremony experience. Discover how our talented wedding musicians can elevate your special day by filling out our enquiry form. Let us tailor the music to complement your ceremony, ensuring every note adds to the magic of your wedding day.