Choose Your Wedding Ceremony Songs with our Free Template Download

Photography by Keri Lovell

Selecting the right music for your wedding ceremony is a crucial step in creating a moment that you will remember forever! In this blog post, I’m going to give you practical guidance on how to choose your perfect wedding ceremony songs; ones that are personal to you and your love story. You can also access our free template (download below) to simplify the process. Let’s get started on creating your unique wedding ceremony soundtrack!

What is your wedding ceremony theme?

If you are feeling overwhelmed with knowing where to start when it comes to choosing your music, a great place to begin is with the overall theme for your ceremony. Are you going for a traditional, elegant vibe? If so, then classical music would work beautifully to compliment this. You could go for well-known classics such as Debussy’s Claire de Lune and Pachelbel’s Canon in D. Alternatively, to add a modern twist, there are lots of stunning options; have a listen to music by Ludovico Einaudi for inspiration. Bluebird by Alexis Ffrench is also a gorgeous piece of modern piano music.

If your ceremony is more along the rustic, relaxed style you might want to consider an artist like Taylor Swift whose music translates perfectly onto solo piano. If you love the fairytale princess vibe, there are so many Disney songs to choose from. I have played at weddings where there has been a gaming theme, and the couples chose music from the Final Fantasy games (and it sounded really beautiful!). An overall theme is a great place to start, and will give you focus and direction as you choose your wedding ceremony songs.

Are there any songs that are meaningful to you and your story?

The second step is to make a list of songs that are meaningful to you both individually, and to you as a couple. For example, the song that was playing when you went on your first date; had your first kiss; when you got engaged. Or a song that you love to listen to in the car, or the theme song of your favourite movie. Make a list of these songs and then narrow it down to the ones that you feel would work well as your wedding ceremony songs.

Choose your wedding entrance music

The music to which you walk down the aisle will set the scene for the whole ceremony. It is such an iconic moment! Have a look at the list of songs you have created. Do any of them give you goosebumps when you imagine them playing as you walk down the aisle? Whether it’s a song that’s been meaningful to you for a long time, or a new piece of music that just perfectly captures the emotion of the moment, remember that there is no right or wrong in making this decision. It is your big moment and you get to choose music that you really love.

Choose wedding ceremony songs for the signing of the register

Once you have exchanged your vows, you will need to sign the legal document as a record of your marriage. Most often this takes place in front of your guests, but it is a personal moment between yourselves and the registrar. Music during this time fills the silence and entertains your guests, even if they talk quietly amongst themselves. Your list of songs is a great resource for this point in the ceremony. My recommendation would be to choose songs that are similar in style, and select two or three pieces. You may not end up using them all, but your musician will continue playing until you have signed the register and have had your photos taken.

Choose your ceremony exit music

Leaving your ceremony as a newly married couple is a really joyous occasion! The music you walk out to can reflect this in many ways. It doesn’t have to be an up-tempo number; a song with an uplifting chorus and soaring melodies can capture the excitement of the moment as much as music with a driving beat and fast pace. Use your list of songs for inspiration and choose something that is unique to you and that will capture your happiness in that moment.

wedding pianist playing wedding ceremony songs at the folly in coed-y-mwstwr, south wales

Photography by Keri Lovell

Selecting your wedding ceremony songs can feel like a daunting task, but if you follow these simple steps along with our free template (which you can download below), you will be able to choose music that fits your ceremony style and tells your love story. For further inspiration, check out our blog post ‘Top 10 Songs For Your Dream Wedding Ceremony’.

And if you would like us to create your ceremony setlist with you and provide beautiful piano music live on the day, get in touch now for all the details. We would love to perform your perfect wedding ceremony songs!