My Top Five Hertfordshire Wedding Regrets

It’s been five years since my husband and I tied the knot at The Priory, Little Wymondley in Hertfordshire. And I can honestly say it was the best wedding ever! I hope that every married couple can look back on their wedding day with the same sentiment. Is there anything more joyous than having all the people you love in one place, celebrating the best thing that’s ever happened to you?!

But now time has passed and it’s five years on. As I reflect back on the day, here are five things that I would change about our Hertfordshire wedding.

Hire a Hertfordshire wedding videographer

This is a top regret for many couples, and I have to agree with them. Like every couple planning their wedding, we were working to a budget and had to decide on the things that were most important to us. At the time we didn’t think we’d mind not having videos of the day, and I wouldn’t say it’s something I’ve cried tears over since. But I would like to be able to watch my bridal entrance, see my dad giving me away, and listen to the speeches. We have videos that our family and friends took, and in the first few weeks after the wedding we watched these over and over again. But it would be lovely to have some professional footage as a keepsake of the most important day of our lives, and I don’t think it’s something we would have regretted spending money on.

A bride and groom walk along their confetti line in the grounds of St Helen's Church, Wheathampstead

Book live music for the wedding breakfast

You know how a painter and decorator makes everyone else’s house look beautiful, but their own wallpaper is hanging on by a thread? The same can be said for me as a wedding musician! I was so busy helping my couples with their wedding music, that I completely forgot to plan live music for our own wedding breakfast. My husband planned the music for our church service (which was epic!) but it wan’t until the venue staff approached me on the day to ask if they could put on some background music over the speakers, that I realised I hadn’t planned anything for the wedding breakfast!

Remind my husband to thank my parents in his speech

In fairness to my husband, it was written at the very beginning of his speech, but he went off piste and skipped over that section! It wasn’t until later in the day that he realised, so his best man brought everyone together and he thanked my parents then instead. No harm done, and it made us all laugh, but maybe take this as your reminder to make sure you have a list of people that need to be thanked during the speeches!

The groom giving his speech in the barn at The Priory, Little Wymondley, Hertfordshire. The bride and her parents are looking up at him and smiling

Scrap the first dance

We are not dancing people, but for some reason we gave in to the pressure of having to do a first dance because that was what was expected of us. We swayed awkwardly for a whole song, and although I do love the photos from this part of the day, I wish we had just left this out and not given in to expectation!

A bride and groom having their first dance on their wedding day at The Priory, Little Wymondley, Hertfordshire

Have a longer ‘minimoon’ after our hertfordshire wedding

Following the wedding day, we went to the Cotswolds for a 3 night minimoon, saving our proper honeymoon until the following year. With hindsight, I wish we had carved out more time to ourselves after the wedding and not rushed straight back into work. It was such a special day and I would have liked to have remained in the happy bubble for a little longer before getting stuck back into real life!

Even with these five regrets, our Hertfordshire wedding was still the best day of our lives. It was worth all the planning and stressful moments, and I’m so grateful we have beautiful photos of such a special day. If you are planning your wedding, I hope that once it’s all over you can look back and say the same. Just remember to do it your way and make it about you and your love for each other.

Hannah x

PS If you’ve suddenly realised you haven’t thought about live music for your wedding, don’t panic, there’s still time! Fill in our contact form here and I’ll help you plan the most beautiful music for your day.