A Fairytale Margam Park Wedding 

Once upon a time, in the enchanting realm of Margam Park, South Wales, a love story unfolded, weaving a fairytale wedding at The Orangery. Bathed in natural light from its tall windows and adorned with pristine white walls, this venue became the magical canvas for Charlotte and Sam’s love story.

The Beginning of a Fairy Tale: Charlotte and Sam’s Journey to a Margam Park Wedding

It was here, at a wedding fayre at the beginning of 2020, that I met Charlotte and Sam. A young, newly engaged couple, they came over to my stand, drawn by the captivating melodies emanating from the grand piano. With a sparkle in her eyes, Charlotte expressed their wish to hear “When You Wish Upon A Star,” a song that held a special place in their hearts as they got engaged at Disneyland. As I began to play the enchanting tune on the beautiful grand piano housed in The Orangery, Charlotte’s eyes filled with tears of joy. They hadn’t yet chosen their venue, but the magical sounds of the grand piano, intertwining with one of their favourite songs, sealed the deal. From that moment, they began envisioning their fairytale Margam Park wedding.

How the Tale Unfolded

As the months unfolded, song choices and wedding details took shape. With a nod to Disney, the couple curated a soundtrack as enchanting as their love. The long aisle of The Orangery set the stage for a breathtaking entrance. Bridesmaids, accompanied by “Bella’s Lullaby,” preceded Charlotte’s grand entrance to “Tale As Old As Time” from Beauty and The Beast. It was a moment etched in time, filled with tears of joy and a groom captivated by his bride.

The bride walks down the aisle in a wedding at margam park, watched by her groom

The love story continued through a radiant ceremony to a sunlit drinks reception. Amidst November’s chill, the warmth of the piano music and the bright blue sky cast a spell of magic. A quick break led to the wedding breakfast, where the couple’s chosen song, “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You,” heralded their joyous entrance whilst their guests clapped and cheered. The room was adorned with Disney-themed tables, and the piano music continued throughout their meal, including many delightful Disney tracks! 

The bride and groom walk into their wedding breakfast, accompanied by a wedding pianist

And They Lived Happily Ever After

And so, Charlotte and Sam lived happily ever after, their Margam Park wedding beautifully captured in joyous images that showcased The Orangery’s splendor. If your heart dreams of a Margam Park wedding, where a grand piano weaves melodies into the tapestry of your love, get in touch here, and let’s bring your fairytale to life.

Hannah x

A bride and groom having a posed photo taken at the bottom of the steps in front of the castle at margam park

Image credits: Studio Cwtch