Do I REALLY Need Live Music At My Wedding?!

It might surprise you to learn that a large chunk of my wedding enquiries come in just a few months before the wedding date. Don’t get me wrong, there are also those who book well in advance, but it seems that in many cases planning live wedding music tends to come as an afterthought.

Why Is That?

I think often when couples sit down to plan their wedding, live music isn’t marked up as a priority. A photographer, florist, wedding cake – these are the essential factors that make the top of the list, and with good reason. You want the most important day of your life to be documented with beautiful photos; a gorgeous venue deserves stunning flowers and is a celebration even a celebration without cake?!

But have you ever imagined a wedding without music?

Close your eyes for a moment and picture a wedding without any music at all. Walking down the aisle to silence, broken only by the click of a camera; no soft background soundtrack to take the edge off the noisy chatter during a drinks reception; awkward pauses during the wedding breakfast as everyone tucks into the main course. And would there even be an evening party without music to dance to?

Can’t I Just Use My Phone instead of live music?

Of course, the simple answer to all this is to plug your phone into the sound system and play your favourite playlist. For couples who aren’t that interested in music this is the easiest, and cheapest, solution. (Although did you know that a playlist to last the whole wedding day will need at least a couple of hundred songs if you want to avoid the ‘CD on loop’ effect?!)

My Wedding Deserves More

My guess is that if music tugs at your emotions and plays an important part in your everyday life, you are going to want something special for your wedding, especially the wedding ceremony. Your walk down the aisle is the most signifiant moment of your life, as you transition from Miss to Mrs, and you deserve the most beautiful piece of music, chosen by you and tailored to fit the occasion. A live musician can take the parts of the music that you love the most and combine them to fit the exact length of your journey down the aisle, fading out discreetly once you’re ready for the ceremony to start. Communication between the registrar and musician is subtle, but it allows the ceremony to flow seamlessly, without needing to wait for someone to press play, and that moment of silence before the track gets going. (Have you ever been at a wedding where the track wouldn’t play, or kept skipping, or the speakers weren’t working so you could hardly hear it? It’s the stuff of nightmares!)

And when it comes to spending hours compiling a playlist for the drinks reception and wedding breakfast, let the professional do it! There will be so many things demanding your attention in the lead up to the wedding, that knowing someone else is in control of the music will be a huge relief, and having a live musician entertain your guests is always a talking point.

My One Piece of Advice for live music

If I was to give one piece of advice to couples, it would be to give some thought to your wedding music in the early stages of your planning so that you have time to find the musician that is just right for you. Because a beautiful wedding deserves a beautiful soundtrack. Find out how we can help you create that soundtrack by contacting us here.