4 Things to Consider if your Wedding Venue has a Piano

‘Do you provide a piano?’ This is one of the most commonly asked questions when couples enquire about having piano music at their wedding. And of course, without a piano there can be no wedding pianist! The answer is yes, at South Wales Pianist we are always able to provide a digital piano which sounds as close to an acoustic piano as practically possible (it’s very different to a keyboard!).

However there are some wedding venues in South Wales, and elsewhere, that have a grand piano. Naturally couples want to take advantage of this added extra, especially as they look so beautiful! We are always happy to play a piano provided by the wedding venue (with their permission), but here are 4 things to consider:

  • Is the piano digital or acoustic? At first glance a grand piano may look to be acoustic, but double-check whether it needs to be plugged in, as digital baby grand pianos are quite common! As a pianist it’s always useful to know in advance what type of piano is available.
  • If it is an acoustic piano, when was it last tuned? A grand piano may look beautiful, but you want to make sure it sounds lovely as well! If a piano has not been tuned or well-looked after, it can sound very ‘honky tonk’, and this isn’t the sound you want on your wedding day!
  • If it’s a digital piano, are all the keys in good working order? Just because a digital piano doesn’t need tuning, it doesn’t mean it is definitely usable. Sometimes keys can stop working, or they make a loud, booming sound which can ruin a beautiful bridal entry.
  • And finally, is the piano in the correct location for the part of the day you would like piano music? Often at South Wales Pianist we will use a wedding venue’s piano for the ceremony and then supply our own for the drinks reception or wedding breakfast, as the piano at the venue often cannot be moved.

Ask your venue about these four points before booking your pianist, and you will be able to pass on all the information. This will avoid your wedding pianist having a last minute panic if they arrive at the venue to find the piano is not usable! At South Wales Pianist we will always bring our own piano as a back up if we are playing at a new venue, just in case, so that your wedding music will still be beautiful if there are any last minute hitches.

And if there is no piano at your wedding venue but you would love the look of a real life grand piano, we now have a brand new mini grand piano shell for our digital piano to make it look the real deal. If you would like to find out more, you can get in touch here for all the details!

P.S. Here are four wedding venues in South Wales that have a piano available and are worth checking out: Peterstone Court, Caer Llan , The Orangery at Margam Park and Sant Ffraed House.